BCS Professional Computer Solutions

Bolha Consulting Services does it all! Not only do I make it easy for individuals and small to midsize businesses to keep their computer systems up and running smoothly, but I can handle your networking needs as well.

What makes BCS Services different? My expertise allows me to meet my clients’ needs with a unique combination of tech know-how and affordable services.

Why hire an expensive IT consultant to troubleshoot your computer and networking problems? Bolha Consulting Services can take care of them both efficiently and inexpensively.

Many small businesses do not employ computer experts as part of their staff, so they outsource portions of this occupation. However, small businesses often do not know of other computer issues, which end up not being taken care of effectively. Consequently, valuable time is wasted and essential IT tasks can be left unfinished.

  • Significant network vulnerabilities & critical security procedures are often overlooked and/or inadequate.
  • Software and hardware updates are rarely done on a regular basis, leaving your PC open to viruses and malware.
  • No one is ever advised on how their systems or software could be simpler to use & more productive.

Because my company is relatively small, customers can benefit by getting personal, superior service that is professional and affordable.

With BCS Geek Services

I focus on meeting computer needs of individuals and small to midsize businesses, at affordable rates. My goal is not to be just another operating expense for my clients, but to actually earn the fees for my services through timely advice, cost reduction, increased revenue and true customer care & assistance. Let me do what I do best, so you can concentrate on your business!

As an owner or administrator of a small to midsize business or an individual running a home office, you know all too well how a computer glitch can have a tremendous and possibly expensive impact on your performance and productivity. When this happens—and we all know that it will—your way of life and your business does not have to spiral down into oblivion. With my high-level of skills and my great customer service, BCS Geek is capable of troubleshooting and solving your computer conundrums. From computer problems to consulting and training, BCS can take care of all your needs!

Below I have listed the solutions that I offer to my clients along with a short description. As the list below is by no means complete, feel free to ask me about a service if you do not see it mentioned.

Consultation & Training

Bolha Consulting Services offers customized training sessions from learning basic computer skills, getting the most out of your software, safely surfing and searching the Internet, working with your digital images and more.

Data Backup & Migration

Performing regular backups of your data is critical to guard against accidental removal, disk failure, malware, etc. Need to move your data from one computer to another? With BCS, data backups & migration just became easy.

Hardware & Software

Bolha Consulting Services can install or upgrade your internal/external hardware on your desktop or laptop. BCS can also install or upgrade your operating system & your software, making your computer more efficient.

Networking Assistance

Bolha Consulting Services can help you share files, print to a single printer & access the internet from any computer on your network. I can troubleshoot your existing network or help you go wireless.

PC Troubleshooting

Bolha Consulting Services can analyze & fix problems with your computer. Utilizing a number of system tests & checks, I will diagnose your issues & talk with you about the best available solutions.

Maintenance & Cleaning

BCS can update, clean & optimize your system with various tweaks & improvements that will keep your computer operating lightning quick, smooth & free of errors. BCS will get your PC running like new!

Secure Data Deletion

Getting rid of an outdated computer? Bolha Consulting Services can wipe a folder, a file or your entire hard drive, making sure your selected data is completely and securely erased & unrecoverable.

Protection & Security

Viruses, malware and other threats can compromise your confidential information. BCS Computer Solutions scans your hard drive for items that can slow down your computer and removes them.

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